The Rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Sebastián Plubins
October 29, 2020

Much has been said about the rise of Artificial Intelligence and how this breakthrough technology could potentially change humanity forever.

The raw material that algorithms need to produce insights or more importantly, make decisions is data, and not just data gathered by clicks, likes or our web browser´s history, but also biometric data captured from health trackers like Fitbit or Apple Watch, amongst others.

Nowadays, companies can gather so much data about us, it’s starting to feel that some of them know us better than we know ourselves, and this is just the beginning!

There is no doubt on the benefits that the use of artificial intelligence can bring to society and at Kaccelerator we are committed in deploying our capital to support projects that aim to gain from the positive side of this breakthrough technology. But like many innovations before them, there has to be control, checks and balances.

Therefore, it is crucial for society to take part in the global conversation about the rise of artificial intelligence, so that we may raise our voices whenever we notice something that could potentially become a problem.

According to the economist, the words “Artificial Intelligence” are being increasingly mentioned in corporate earnings calls, demonstrating the status of a AI as a trend that is impossible to ignore.


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