COVID-19 Resource Center


COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of agility, automation and advanced analytics  in supply chain planning and management. With innovative and integrated E2E planning platform deployed at global clients, Solvoyo is ready to help you create the digital twin of your supply chain.

Here's how we help our customers in the days of crisis:


Automatic diagnostics help you act faster: Our cloud engine detects significant changes in demand, supply, lead times, OTIF rates and our user friendly dashboards provides real-time visibility to issues.


ML and advanced analytics in action: Forecasts, safety stocks, replenishment recommendations are automatically adjusted in light of changing demand and operational constraints so your teams can focus on strategizing.


Our platform automates decision-making by providing prescriptive actions for the current conditions.


Our platform provides a Digital Twin for your supply chain and supports what-if analysis for evaluating different options for supplier networks, manufacturing sites or delivery schedules.

Examples for DETECT


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