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Create AI-driven supply plans in order to profitably meet all projected demand. Elevate customer satisfaction by turning strategic plans into operational excellence.

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Create multi-mode multi-day routes and schedules, optionally linked to fulfillment on the outbound and/or MRP on the inbound side, that satisfies all practical constraints.

Link to multiple data sources, including the most commonly used WMS, TMS, ERP, and CRM brands. Execute your transportation plans without human intervention and keep track of your detailed KPIs updated continuously.

Whether for shippers with dedicated fleets or carriers with assets, plan those fleets with the ability to minimize deadhead miles, combine delivery routes and milk-runs,  and optimize a multi-day pick-up and delivery plan for each asset.



Inventory Reduction



On-Time Fulfillment & Availability Increase

“We are operating in a highly competitive industry. Even in day-to-day operations, we see rapid changes in demand and when the inventory is short, we adjust our production plans accordingly. This adjustment requires a lot of manual work and incorporation of many constraints, hence causing suboptimal plans and inefficiencies on the production site. With Solvoyo’s optimized plans and user-friendly UIs, not only we make easy and smart decisions but also respond to any rapid change at the speed of the market

Supply Planner
Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company


Master & Operational Data Management

In addition to exchanging data with your ERP and TMS systems, Solvoyo platform allows you to manage the master data, the planning parameters and the business rules in one central place, ensuring consistency across not only within transportation plans but across all related supply chain functions

Plan Views and Manual Overrides

The acceptance rate of Solvoyo’s transportation plans are already extremely high. If you ever need to touch the plan, then you can do it easily and efficiently using our world-leading UX as well as the alerts that provide you the laser-sharp focus on what to change and what the consequences might be to the overall plan.

KPI Tracking & Review

You know you have an effective transportation planning functions when you can track your cost and service KPIs over time and correct them for seasonality of shipments, changes in tariff structures, changes in customer base (ship-to locations), etc. Solvoyo platform comes with several built-in performance tracking and review functions that are refined over years of usage across many industries. If you want your own KPIs instead or in addition, then the platform provides a rich set of configurable UI components that enable us to add them in a matter of days.

Multiple Objectives

Solvoyo Platform allows you to model and select -on demand or based on business rules- multiple and sometimes conflicting objectives to plan your transportation, including the following sample from our clients:
Minimize Total Transportation Cost, Minimize Inbound Delay when concurrently planned with MRP etc.
Maximize Overall Service measure such as due-date compliance, Maximize OTIF when concurrently planned with Fulfillment, Maximize Margin when concurrently planned with Fulfillment

The ability to plan with multiple objectives and to change their order dynamically increases plan acceptance rates and creates significantly higher value.

Usage Statistics

Digital transformation is not ordering your favorite dish at a fancy restaurant. It is more like going to the gym: you have to sweat and work hard to get in shape. That is exactly why we closely monitor your usage of our platform. We provide updates on who used which functions for how long, along with a log of the users’ edits for the sole purpose of exploring -together- new ways to improve the platform’s effectiveness and efficiency.

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What can you achieve with Solvoyo Transportation Planning Platform?

Plan at strategical, tactical and
operational dimensions

Supply Planning workflow in Solvoyo supports strategic, tactical and operational dimensions:

• Distribution Requirements
• Replenishment
• Procurement
• Purchasing
• Strategic outsourcing
• Vendor Managed Replenishment

At any point in time, Solvoyo platform enables a supply plan to be in lockstep with the demand plan, inventory investment targets, fulfillment, and transportation plans, and supports the planners with related analytics and visibility.

Automate regular purchasing

Whether for direct or indirect purchases, the Solvoyo platform will take you very far towards autonomous purchase order management:

• Calculate daily & weekly net PO requirements and recommend POs that satisfy vendor constraints such as minimum buys, batch sizes, and transportation preferences
• Automatically consolidate multi-location POs for purchasing efficiency
• Automatically load POs into the purchasing system after cross-checking the business rules, pricing policies, and authorizations
• Provide a traceable log mechanism to override PO recommendations
• Automatically create and report supply plan exceptions

Collaborate with suppliers through process
simplification, automation,
and full visibility of the purchase order cycle

Solvoyo enables a digital planning and collaboration platform with which any retailer or manufacturer can collaborate with its key suppliers:

• Order products using industry-standard digital formats (e.g., EDI, API, XML)
• Receive digital updates on order status
• Get rid of email or Excel as the primary communication method
• Provide a logging mechanism to track planner actions and
• Create institutional memory to evaluate supplier performance

Configure and automate a profitable
Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program

Solvoyo believes in mutually beneficial customer-supplier relationships. To that end, Solvoyo platform can be used for automating a VMI planning process:

• Automated data exchange and collaboration capabilities
• Automated forecast generation and replenishment calculations
• Exception-based planning in which the VMI plan is filtered through business rules

Most VMI programs fail due to insufficient attention to VMI operating parameters that guide the contract terms:

• Secure data exchange mechanism (e.g., EDI, API, XML, DB-to-DB)
• Product ownership, insurance and payment terms (e.g., upon sale, periodic)
• Collaboration type (e.g., requires approval, fully autonomous replenishment)
• KPIs to measure success (e.g., inventory investment, supplier performance)

Solvoyo platform also allows you to evaluate the contract terms through quantitative models and come up with a mutually beneficial VMI program.