Be a leader, not a follower

Consumers are simply less tolerant of “an empty shelf” when they have virtually instant access to pricing and product availability from an increasing number of competitors. Carrying excess stock to improve service levels is not an option, managing cash flow is extremely important. Vast number of SKUs in the portfolio require automated inventory management and purchasing. Pricing decisions need to be fast and smart. E-Commerce retailers are leveraging advanced analytics, AI/ML, and automation to detect, predict, and react to ever-changing market dynamics. Customer-focus, speed and agility are rules of the game now. 

“Solvoyo has been an effective solution partner in our fast growth and digital transformation journey. Using their platform of fashion planning solutions, we were able to digitize our pre-season planning processes, reduce manual work, create corporate memory, bring automation to buy planning and size optimization decisions. “

Roberto (CEO)

Solvoyo believes in Autonomous Planning

Solvoyo’s  cutting-edge, adaptive, and scalable Planning and Analytics platform with AI/ML and optimization technology brings agility and scalability to inventory and price management processes for fast-growth. 

AI powered cognitive skills working with planners hand in hand recognize the changes in business and planning parameters, include new data sources such as Google Analytics, syndicated data from vendors and social media data related to the product comments, understand implications and recommend responsive actions for pricing and inventory management.

The configurable UI and advanced prediction and optimization capabilities, and digital workflows coupled with short implementation cycles of our cloud-native platform help our customers achieve dramatic improvements in performance and realize business benefits within a few months.

We are here in every step of the way of your digital transformation journey.

With a single data model and configurable analytics engine, Solvoyo offers an array of integrated end-to-end supply chain planning workflows all easily accessible through a configurable user interface. Solvoyo Demand Forecasting Engine, automatically running a tournament for more than 20 world class forecasting methods including AI/ML approaches of best fit, accommodate everything from erratic products to seasonal variations, trends, and lost opportunity.

Solvoyo Retail Planning and Analytics Platform for E-Commerce

Ready to discover how you can digitize your workflows from financial planning to supply chain operations and spend more on your growth opportunities and less time analyzing data? We’ll do the data crunching so you can focus on the fun part! Our configurable and agile solutions will evolve with your business needs. You can pick and choose your solutions from our lego-like platform with the assurance that your workflows will be integrated as advance through your digital transformation journey. 

Solvoyo Differentiators

Simply stated, Solvoyo Elevation Platform is the most intelligent, powerful and flexible supply chain optimization platform that embodies all key analytics capabilities

Powered by state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, Solvoyo provides great alternatives to time-consuming manual analyses.
Single & Integrated Platform
With our integrated solution, we provide end to end supply chain visibility within horizontal and vertical integration across decision points
Concurrent Optimization
The platform allows multiple objectives to be modeled giving you the ability to automatically generate alternate plans and scenarios with the same inputs.
Autonomous Supply Chain
Solvoyo’s analytics platform is tightly linked to your execution systems, minimizing -in some cases totally eliminating- the need for time-consuming and error-prone Excel hell. 
Fast Implementation
The single data model and platform means easier, flexible and secure integration that eliminates data exchange and conversion requirements, enables standards-based integration with all ERP systems, and reduces processing time and operating costs.
Performance Tracking
We track the user acceptance rates for our recommendations so we can constantly keep improving the solution.
Cloud Based
Solvoyo Elevation Platform is a multi-tenant supply chain management solution built on secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, delivered as a SaaS platform.
Configurable UI
The descriptive data analyses, the diagnostic alerts and the KPI reports all complement smart decisions coming out of Solvoyo’s robust engine are displayed in a flexible and fully configurable User Interface.
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